Friday, June 01, 2007

mush musings

I say "office जाना जरूरी है "
she says "why"
i say " तन्ख्वा चयिये ना, इस लिए "
she says "यह तन्ख्वा कौन है "

mom she and i are at play ground with small slides etc for kids
she says "be careful and do it slowly नहीं तो झूला टूट जाएगा "

i say " it will not break because you are lightweight"
she says " are you dark weight"

शीखा मौसी तो थाली मैं हाथ धोती हैं, मैंने कहा था उनसे कि नहीं धो

she wants to go out to play but does not want to eat food.
ma my stomach is paining
i--> then we will not able to take you because anyway your stomach is paining
she--> मैं तो मजाक कर रही थी

यह हूँ क्या होता , बोलो हाँ या ना

did you know that obedience is derived from obediere which means "to listen thoroughly"
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