Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Mama's sudarshan kriya experience #artofliving

Here are words of my mama who is based out of orcha near Jhansi. He has been postponing doing sudharshan kriya for a long time time. Even this time around he was not sure of transport so I talked to Mickey ( young lad ) and he said he would help.

How come I missed it for so many days?
I should have come to bangalore and done it?
I have been doing yoga asanas before ram dev baba was born. Today it was so effective.
I have been doing meditation for so long. Today I came to know what it is.
My body was so heavy during yog nidra. I felt so light afterwards.
I am not tired.
I feel so happy.

The young lad who took him to venue in Jhansi from Orcha was sleeping after the vibrations shook him during the sudarshan kriya :)

How was your first sudarshan kriya experience? Or you too are on borderline.

a line of thank you note
thank you kanchan ji, sharda ji and Sri Sri Ravishankar ji.
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