Saturday, April 07, 2012

108 surya namaskar challenge - done - via @inyogathon #yogathon

Till yesterday it was impossible.
Now fresh confidence is beaming.
We really do not let ourselves hit the boundaries and break them.

Heard of yogathon a few months back and did not believe that people could take the challenge.
Today morning on world health, disbelief and joy was brimming across when I with my own eyes say 7 to 70 years old taking up the challenge and many achieving it.

Mr. Rengarajan brought 3 gold certificate and many spirit of participation. In the end there were greater demand of gold around him than the mere spirit of participation.

The venue was called wading pool. When I went to elita club to enquire they said "Wadding pool" and I wondered how yogathon was linked to wedding party.

But pool indeed it was. No water though. Only blue tiles. There was no one around at about 6 AM today and I was marveling at the buildings around.

Suddenly streams of people, young old, ladies gentleman started to come in towards the wading pool at elita promenade in JP nagar 7th phase, bangalore. I could only wonder.

People started jumping into the wading pool as IT was indeed the venue. Only one question floating around "Are you going for gold or spirit of participation?" And increasingly the inclination towards gold was higher.

I was split. I asked my body and it said just keep going till you can.

So the prayers were uttered and the little round ball of calming reddish sun made it appearance from behind the horizon at the exact moment, as if in anticipation.

The sequence of surya namaskaras began. We stopped to chit chat at about 30 rounds and then at about 55 and then 80 and 98 and behold 108.

Claps, cheers and wonder.

One more proud moment being part of art of living initiated movement. The challenges never end here.

some snaps

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