Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost river Cauvery in trichy

There is only line of trucks till eyesight go.
On the highway, in the riverbed.
There is only sand left in the cauvery river delta.
Sand which spins money and fulfill desires of few

She is born in western ghats
Cities and civilizations have been built on her banks
Poets, kings and farmers have been inspired by her

What remains of her
is a small canal
in which people bath,wash,clean
children jump in 2 feet deep
adults wade around

there must have been a time when
the riverbed was half a mile wide

now its only property of few
who own the sand quarries

centuries old sand particles
are now part of some shaky concrete construction

tell me is nature beautiful in nakedness
or is it in abundance

the more you take away
the less you will have

once a majestic worshiped river
is now a mere canal
for trichy has huge temples
and less river

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