Monday, January 09, 2012

The game of life. Get the BIG picture

As humans you get 8 units of life.
A stone has 1 unit of life. There are male and female in stones too. Ancient traditions and sculptors know it.
Water has 2 unit of life.
Air has 3 unit of life.
Space has 4 unit of life.
Trees have 6 unit of life.
Animals have 7 units of life.

Humans have 8 units of life. We are here and we need to move forward.

Geniuses have 9 units of life. In both sense either for great political system or social change or people like Hitler.

Your spirit has 9-10 units of life. In a while when you leave your body you become more powerful. You have more access and flexibility. The constraint of body is lost.

Your ancestors have 11 units of life. In many traditions we pray to ancestors. They can give you boons according to their capability. They cannot give all the boons.

Your pitr पितृ  have 12 units of life.

Kinnars have 13 units of life. They bless or curse with wealth. You will have great wealth but you will not be happy with your progeny. Your children will cause much distress within three generations.

Yokshas have 14 units of life. They bless or curse with special talent like singing. If you think the singing ability is their individual achievement then you are mistaken. A yaksha spirit is behind them. They make many happy around them but their own life is miserable. Unless they are on a spiritual path with a guru.  Every city has a yaksha.

Gods and Goddesses, देवा और देवी have 15 units of life. There are 33 different variations of them. Creator loves variety and thus he has 33 variations of god and goddess for you.
Where are they stationed?
Are they in the skies between the clouds? No they are in every cell of you. A single cell multiples and some become eyes, and some legs and nose.
How to manage them? 
Through sounds and mantras. Pray and they are happy. Their happiness is reflected in your state of being. Like the filters of camera. You enhance a color by filtering it. You only see green but the light still has rest of the colors. A prism.
In heaven there are all the comforts but there is no love. For that even a deva has to take the human form and come on earth once in a million years to realize love, our existance, the thing which we are made up of. Sometimes we feel it and sometimes we dont, but its always there. Just like in yoga you take attention to a particular part of body and you are there, it does not mean that other parts of body do not exist.

A सिद्दा या सतगुरु Guru has 16 units of life. All the devis and devtas are around him, asking what can they do for him. But he has known the brahman and he does not ascertain that he knows the brahman. He moves on. चलती.
जहाँ गुरु नहीं वहां गति नहीं. Where there is no Guru there is no movement. Even in hindu pujas Guru comes before invoking the devas.

Hold your breath as I now narrate a Yaksha incident, not my interaction. I am still to develop the capability of communicating with the ethereal world. But Guruji's own incident.
Once the Yaksha of New york came to Guruji in middle of night and asked him if he could do anything. Guruji said, No, thank you. He was disappointed. Next day morning other people woke up and told Guruji that they felt a beautiful presence last night.
The same day Guruji had panel discussion in UN and in the room of 500 only 15 were around. Guruji realized it was work of Yaksha and he acknowledged it. The next moment the door opened and the room filled up.
Later Guruji thought I should have at least asked him to open a center a New York, or something so that he was not disappointed..

So ladies and gentleman we enter the ethereal world where the spirits are more powerful and have their own game plans. You and me are mere pawns being moved around in this game of life. We think we have control. How foolish of us?
In fact the same player is there on both sides of chessboard? The same brahman.
So drop your doership and enjoy the game.

You are like bubbles in coke bottle. You feel you opened the cap and are bubbling to go outside. How long will you last? The bubble has to burst.

There is a greater permanent council out there who is playing the game. They are more powerful. They have better reach and have been there for a very long time. Think you can challenge them or worst still ignore them and continue to relish in your make-believe world. Poor you.

Hold on to a Guru else you will be thrown around like a ping pong ball and never realize why the smacks in the bottom are getting harder and harder in life.

Because at the level of spirits you are nothing.

If that is not enough. Here is one more phenomenon. Remember even though its being narrated as a story below its not an event of past. It can happen everyday to some, to some on some days of life and for others in no days of life.

Once the pride of power got into the heads of devas. A yaksha came to meet them. Indra sent Agni ( form of energy ) to check out who had come. He came around and asked. The yaksha questioned back, Who are you? Agni was displeased and narrated his powers to burn anything and everything. Yaksha gave him a straw of grass. He just couldnt and went back.

Next  came Vayu, the atmosphere which has all living beings. Same story.
Then the Lord of Mind, Indra came along. By this time Yaksha disappeared and turned into a beautiful lady, the Mother Divine, Kundalini. Indra asked her who was the yaksha?

Hold on to your breath as tomorrow we will reveal the secret of Yaksha from mouth of Mother Divine.
Time for thanking
Sri Sri Ravishankar ji mentioned as Guruji above.
His discourse on kena upanishads.
And ofcourse the aol buddies who make this possible every moring at 5:30 AM. Can you believe it? Nor do i. The time I mean and not the spirits.

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