Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happiness is all you get at end of Upanishad Discourse

You go to school and college. You get a job.

You listen to Upanishads. What do you get?

You know, your every act, your every thought is towards getting happiness.
You earn so that you get a comfortable lifestyle.
You take up a project on your own because it appeals to you and promises to give you happiness in end.
You have progeny to get happiness.
You become a householder to get happiness.

Happiness is single most vital motivator behind every thing that you do on this planet.

The master too says that at end of upanishad discourse the only thing you get is happiness of heaven. Your mind settles down in knowledge. The striving continues but feverishness stops.

You self is getting wedded to infinite soul every moment. Your body is a miniature of entire universe. The finite body is becoming one with infinite universe.

In India there is a tradition of doing the marriage of Radha and Krishna. You dont get caught up in that, you move on to higher planes. For one, there was no character of Radha in श्रीमद भागवतम. धारा का प्रवाह जब लौट के आता है तो उसे राधा कहतें हैं.

Radha was a character created by a devotee poet somewhere in 11th century. But it signifies the longingness for the infinite in the finite krishna.

You know, after mahabharata, Arjun asked krishna to repeat Geeta. He said he was busy in the war and lost in the chaos and questioned him too much and too many times. Now he was in better mood and more inclined towards knowledge. But Krishna refused. He said that was Shiva or the formless infinite speaking through me. You remember that before the war I asked you to chant ॐ नमः शिवाय and you chanted for a very long time. Through the chanting you acquired a shield or कवच for your consciousness which strengthened you and protested you through the war.

That is what mantra do at the subtle level. They protect your soul and enhance your prana.

In western countries people go to the beach in plenty whereas in India they are happy being inland. Do you want to know why?

Because the water element contains and is enriched with devas pranas देव प्राना.  So in pristine clean beaches you get the rich energy. The same energy is depleted in beaches with drugs/liquors.

Same way when you enter into Art of Living international ashram in Bangalore there is shift in consciousness for many. Your jet lag goes, your tiredness goes and you relax.

You dont have to get into all the vedas and drink tonnes of vedic literature. Guruji said he was reading kena upanishad for the first time and as you would have noticed the grace just flows , not too high, nor too low but ok. He would read a few slokas and then get lost in meditation with them. Now is the time for चिंतन और मनन.

There is no point searching for a well when you are inundated in flood. The knowledge is overflowing in and around you. Start listening to it. Do some self-study स्वाध्याये.

You get a glimpse of infinity. You relax at the end of upanishad discourses too. So you are happy and relaxed.

Then you उपासना starts. उप और आसन. You sit in the company of the infinite.

A heart felt thank you reaches out with tonnes of gratitude towards Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. His discourse on Kena upanishad and my buddies of morning sadhana.
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