Saturday, January 07, 2012

From the world of death to immortality

You know yet you dont know.
Know that and assimilate.

If you cannot manage that knowledge in this lifetime even after hearing it then its a great loss to you, the greatest of losses. You will yet again gather bundles of miseries and carry on to next lifetimes.

Like the man behind the projector sees only the light. The people in the cinema see only the movie.
There is only one bulb that throws light on the film reel and all characters are projected into the big screen. The single consciousness flows through one and all, through the hero and the villain, through the heroin as well as the side-kicks. It does not discriminate.
Its you who has the visceral experiences and get lost in the characters. The characters around you are the reflections of you. And if you extend that vision and project your identity on environment around and still wonder why there is so much negativity around you, why people shout at you, why do they spit and why do they turn away from you? Is it them or is it you?

Its simply your ego getting projected outside. Turn around and take the vision on the man behind projector. Then you will see the single light flowing through all. Then you will realize that people around you are there to tell you that you are like that and you may have to change.

Then you transcend the world of death and move on to the realm of immortality. 

There are two worlds, the ethereal and the practical.
In ethereal world there is single consciousness, single light flowing through the universe in and around you.
In practical world you exercise free will and use intellect to be in satsang सत्संग. Avoid and dissociate from bad company.

Its how nature functions too. You get 20 apples and you wonder at the beauty of nature in creating them, but you will also witness a  rotten apple. You do not hold on to rotten apple and consume it just because nature has created it. You throw it with a smile.
Same way if you have 20 people and there is one which is a nuisance then you calmly and with a smile ask them to shut up and get lost.
A destined event will cause the interaction with unhealthy minds and body but use your intellect to drift apart from them. Do not let them hang around in the back of your mind with "Oh I should not have told like this", "Oh Poor guy , he is not educated" , oh etc., Every soul is taking its own route and time and do not get stuck up with them.

If they elevate well and good otherwise move on. Your mind needs to have peace at any cost.

This is the greatest form of bravery.
Being brave does not mean flying around in hot air balloon, with hundreds in rescue team and many family members with heart in mouth, praying to lord to save the poor guy. But its in striking the right balance between the knowledge and people/events around you.

सबसे बड़ा वीर्य अध्यात्म और व्यवहार जगत के बीच मैं समन्वय बनाने मैं है.

Its the highest and greatest loss if you are not able to cultivate this skill, build this courage.

Creativity is the product of intellect using the intuition, memory and experience/perception from the mind. It is the output of intellect. A poem comes out of intuition. Every invention, discovery has roots in this invention. Yesterdays Rishis are todays Scientists. They knew it then and these are discovering today.

Thanking Sri Sri Ravishankar ji for the kena upanishad discourse and friends and family.

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