Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Rejecting the infinite

When you reject you miss
When you accept you blossom

Only when you water the field the seeds will blossom into beautiful flowers and huge trees
If there are no seeds there will be no tree, no matter how much you water
You have all the seeds of virtues within you
know that
The infinite has already put the seeds in every cell of you

Do not reject a child as stupid, dull
Parents, Schools and colleges do
They lose the challenge to kindle a flower
They only get whats already blossomed

A teacher may not reject a student
Just because he appears to carry a heavy weight of karma
he cannot postpone his enlightenment to few more cycles of janma and cleaning
A student may not reject the teacher
he may not doubt is he really loving and caring as talks
or is he just a walking encyclopedia

Your capabilities may differ
Some may be fair, some brown and some dark in complexion
Some may be fluent, some barely talk and some can be dumb
Some may listen clearly, some barely and some can be deaf
Some may see through the divine, some the world and some can be blind
No matter where you scale in your capability
Your ability to realize the infinite is the same

Rejection is finite
You reject something that you seem is beyond you
You reject what is unknown
The unknown is you
You reject you

Some one knocks the door, you exclaim and jump out of sofa
You are soaked in the watching television, someone pokes you
You are in deep slumber, someone puts thin cotton in your nose
You say
What was that? Who is that? How did that come here? When?
Those are the moments of wonder
You are introduced to it and then you let it pass
You need to stay with wonder more

The WHAT is a leap from known to unknown
The WHO, HOW, WHEN all keep you in unknown

The WHY generally belongs to a miserable mind
No matter how you try you can never get into that stuck mind
Therefore the journey begins with chanting of peace

ॐ शांति शांति

Only in rest
you can enquire,
you can explore

Encourage the enquiring spirit
Be with the questions,
leave any explanations aside

Behold and watch the descent
of infinity within you

Inspired from Sri Sri Ravishankar's discourse of kena upanishad
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