Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dreams -- indian management triumph

The prestigious institues start a special project to create entrepreneurs who will go back to their respective district and initiate a decentralized framework of industry wherein participation occurs from each and everyone and especially the youth of rural india.
They can distribute their energy so that each district takes into account the local expertise and at the same time builds a unique industry distinct in their profile from rest of districts. Then trade can grow between districts and infrastructure hurdles can be rectified giving a mutual benefits to all participants of business. Resources should be produced in a efficient and quality conscious way so that the indian attitude shifts from cost to quality.
Then the movement of trade can shift to foreign shores and similar model can be duplicated to realise the indian dream wherein wealth is created locally and distributed globally.
The central idea is to produce resources of consumtion in excess so that humans dont fight over lack of it and their spirit can concentrate and focus on greater consciousness.
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