Monday, June 19, 2006


we planned to reached shivanasamundran on saturday morning. we had planned to leave by 7 in the morning. At 7 only I was ready and the rest were still dreaming fresh. I went anout in the kistchen and opened the window planning to drive away the flies that had settled inside but instead heard a bang and after opening the utility door found few peices of broken glasses and guessing that the bottle was deftly kept behind the window sill. It was not the best of times to start a adventure with broom in hand before the sun rose and made his presence felt.
Everyone was ready and we postponed breakfast to some place enroute on kanakapura road. Then we picked up my brother's family and moved on. It was a packed house for about 5 km but then kanakapura road opened up and offered its corners and lakes and we feasted on the early morning wind.
we crossed kanakapura and had breakfast under a huge tree with muskan sitting on top of swift, it was a ideal locale and model for mayank's SLR to focus and click.Also we found that our 10 litre can had released its water while we were crusing and we had only a bottle to settle for after having tasty and cold puliogara and chewda.
we carried on and the drivers changed and the new ones were being shouted at for not being easy on the back seat drivers. the music was on and today was aamir's collection of movie songs.also I plucked a sugarcane and managed to scratch my hands and bared legs to thin prickly thorns.we filled water at a handpump inside a original village and had our first glimpse of talakad. did I tell you that midway we decided to abandon shivanasamundram and head for talakkad hoping that it would be a better place.
we finally reached our destination after some confusion and found many thick trees and a beautiful lake which we learnt was kalinga river that would meet cauvery few meters down.we settled for luch on a treetop hut after struggling with huge red ants on mud ground.we had puri bhajji and chai.meanwhile we played frisbee and swan in the lake with muskan and the ladied took the coracle ride as mayank protected our basics.
Then we rushed back from a different route hitting malavalli, maddur and on to mysore road. The roads were better for some 10 kms more. While going it was about 120kms and return was about 130 kms. Petrol was agonising priced at 55 and 57 at indian oil and reliance respectively.we had south indian snacks at kamat before ramanagaram and the ladies bought channapatna crafts and mudden pots.we reached home by 9, saw brazil vs australia and wondered why australia could not win and crashed to bed.
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