Monday, July 12, 2010

Agriculture is philosophy

The occassion was the 10th year completion celebration of Sahaja Samruddhi.

Welcome to "in company of nature" from "poison full of food".

Agriculture is not technology. Its not about machines and chemicals. Its about allowing nature to do what it does best. We can never replace or improve her ways, we can only replicate her and learn from her. Do not interfere with her as you too are in the end of endangered species list.

Agriculture is about philosophy. Its about allowing leaves to create a mulching cover, earthworms to pore in and through the soil, pockets of unplanned sectors in fields for unhindered growth of vegetation and animal life to counter the weeds and unwanted insects in the main field. Observe how nature evolves, how it strikes balance from between wanted and unwanted.

Agriculture is about soil and water. Conservation of soil by preventing erosion and avoiding chemicals. Conservation of moisture and preserving it through proper shading of your farms. You need to reduce the windflow by proper constructions of boundary trees. Wind also takes away moisture and soil.

What is pesticide? cide means to kill.
When a rat is killed its called as rodenticide,
when an insect is killed its called as insecticide,
when a human kills another its called as genocide,
when a human kills himself its suicide,
when you spray chemical on the plants what are you killing. The insect/animal is taking away the food which belongs to you.

Salt kills. When you put salt on raw mango, it softens and gets preserved. The living in mango dies, there is no decay as there is no life. You relish the taste of a dead mango bite.

An earthworm has no ears, no teeth, no eyes and no tongue. Still it knows what to eat and when to eat. It knows when its day and when its night. What about you?

Urea is mostly variations of salt form. When you pour them over fields, it kills the living entities beneath the soil. The micro and macro organisms that are responsible for diverse plant and animal life that flourishes on the soil.

The "touch me not" plant is known to create nitrogen nodules which provide nutrition to the soil without any indiscriminate killing. It takes nature 3-5 years to bring back the life in the fields if you stop the murder on the surface.

You increase your chances of fatal diseases more after you visit the doctor for common ailments medicine. They give you chemical medicine that not only kills the life responsible for the little ailment but good ones too who happen to be around.

Can you see the killing that is involved and how it is creating profits for few multi-nationals and chemicals manufacturers? They get money and you get death? Not a bad deal, eh?

Rural migration to Urban pockets.
Its like trucks and buses going to the villages. The trucks gather the natural resources and the grown crops and take them to cities and dumps killer pesticides and urea into the village fields. The buses take away the innocence of the village wisdom along with the youth.

The village womenfolk are wiser than most of us? Why? They know that when a crop has to be cut, the roots are for the soil, the middle is for the cattles and the top is for human consumption. A proven fact asserted by many recent scientists. The wisdom has long been associated with the way we do agriculture.

The cow is treated as mother. When you treat her like machine and feed her poison, you will get poison from her udders. Leave her out of her confine and allow her to move in her natural strides, it will benefit the soil along with providing her with her natural diet. You too get richer milk.

"I will stop now as I do not want the deposits in your mind to be eroded away like soil erosion down the hills"

Courtesy for the meet:
Sahaja Samruddhi
A peoples movement to preserve organic farming through
  1. Highlighting farmers inventions in fields like high yielding seeds and innovative ways of organic farming.
  2. Document the learning and share it across villages.
  3. Sensitize urban folks in adopting a more natural food habits linked to organic farming. 
  4. Encourage urban class to explore farming as a hobby as well as profession.
Courtesy for the content:
A Doctor and a famous ecologist  from Tamilnadu was the chief guest and speaker at the occassion.

Courtesy for Location:
A farm owned by a Doctor off Kanakpura road.
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