Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balas Punch

Yesterday wend to art of living ashram to attend satsang in presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar.

The satsang was rocking, the meditation was deep and the QnA session was mind boggling.

This post is about what happened after the satsang.

The kind hearted Bala was slowly crawling out of Ashram campus looking if somebody needed a drop. A more than normal presence hovered near the bonnet.

Bala said "we will turn right at konankunte cross. where do you want to go?"

The abnormal presence said "Its okay. I am going till Banasankari."

By now he was at the backdoor, trying to open it. Did not understand the eagerness. And the weight came into the car with Om Namah Shivaye sound.

Introduced myself and others in car and he did seem to be interested to meet us.

He asked "What was this all about?" (underlines are his)
someone amongst us "It was art of living satsang". (italics is one of us)

What is art of living?
You dont know about art of living. Its about seva, sadhana, satsang and sadguru.

I could only understand the last part. What are the rest.
The rest are something which you learn in art of living part 1 course. 
How did you come here if you did not know about art of living.

I was just passing by, saw the light and came in. Is eating art of living? I like to eat. Lots of my friend say its not good. But still I like it.

(By now some of us had lost interest and were humming our own tunes, but the melodrama continued)

No, actually I am art of living volunteer in Bangalore city.
(Boy the whole city)
Where are you going?
Brigade Millenium
Can I come along? I want to catch a bus to Jayanagar 4th block
( destination shifted from Banasankari to Jayanagar 4th block)
Do you know this teacher in Brigade Millenium? We have worked a lot. So on and so forth.

Time for Bala's punch.
You know, sometimes we think we are funny but actually we are not. Its important to know that. We all fall into this humor trap. 

And we burst out laughing.

Poor guy could only utter "Atleast all are laughing". His voice became grim and he started praising Sri Sri. Then he was quite for rest of the time.

Bala's undercut has clearly terminated poor guys belief in the sense of humor. In art of living we have them all so if you like variety then come to us.

And just before I bid goodbye I said "Be genuine".

Then love automatically flows in. Naturalness has bliss. Act is disaster. Dont put on.

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