Monday, January 06, 2014

Co-create effectually

Prof Saras quintessential walkthrough of effectual methods came through crystal clear on last saturday at workshop organised by NSRCEL at IIMB auditorium.
Some of the highlights of the workshop.

  1. Only an entrepreneur can say NO to customer.
  2. An entrepreneur has nothing to lose.
  3. An entrepreneur starts with zero loss ventures. They work in tight constraint.
  4. Co-create the future.
  5. Be effectual.
    1. start with you, your friends and what you know,
    2. ASK 
    3. iterate with we , our friends and what we know 
    4. Together create new markets and future
  6. Go into a venture with affordable loss. Find co-creators and know what they can afford to lose. Then do late nights or weekends.
  7. Entrepreneurs dance through problems to create.
To know more visit the website.  If you were there and would like to add few pointers then do leave them in comments. 

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