Saturday, May 17, 2014

Indian Democracy and elections - a new hope is born

One thread that united india was the recently concluded Indian elections. It cut across caste, creed, religion and social status. It was a topic of discussion in the tea stalls to boardroom. Every indian has opinion on the elections. You talk to security guard or auto wallah or to CEOs or  artists. It affects and is part of out blood.

That is the nature of true democracy. A democracy into which life was fostered again, which got revived this time on mantra of development and good governance.

During the campaign politics of dole, freebies, fear, religion (clouded by various epithets like secular/communal ), character assassination, untouchability was superseded by politics of hope, of good governance , of development.

A new era is born in India. The youths have chosen to chide away their caste and religion and opted for their bright future and linked it with strong leadership.

Like any organisation democracies are also led from top. When the top inspires the whole value chain perspires to realize their and ours dream.

I had a past that was averse to politics, distanced from any hope in political system or deliverance of Indian democracy.

Now with the hope kindled in my heart and fanned by the warmth in the environment it has come to stay.

We live on hope and dream of brighter tomorrow.
We work hard to convert hope to reality.
We are on ground, realistic dreamers.

I am a believer today,

Where are you?

#credits goes to Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, +Narendra Modi ji and the tireless workers and dreamers of India who worship in the temples of Indian Democracy.

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