Saturday, November 01, 2014

Data Business models

The Free to Use Model

Internet is inundated with free services. You can use them for free and you will not be charged a penny. But have you gone a little further and explored what happens once your usage leaves you and reaches the service provider. And from the service provider how it lands up into the valley of other service provider and so on and so forth.

Did you know that the Google Maps traffic update is due to your owning the Android phone and your moving around with it in your pocket?

The ad in gmail is due to the content inside your email. Similarly, for other ad networks.

Lets talk about few more models.

You use a flight itinerary app. It gives you notifications on flight delays, nearby hotels at destination etc., And its free? Why? Because your itinerary is now with app. The backend knows from you are, where you will go and when you will go?

How much time will it take from the app to the duty free shop, nearby hotels, airport taxi providers know that? And who will tell them?

You are a doctor. Theres a app which can be used to upload your case. Yes, the one in which you learned something new and itching to share with the world. You share the case with patient photos, description and analysis on to the app. The doctor and student fraternity is all happy with the learnings and you get tonnes of accolades. You are so happy you tell the app everything about you, your location, your specialisation and all.

Did I mention the app was free? How much time it takes for your details to reach the super rich pharma company who is eager to launch and distribute their latest discovery across world in your specialisation?

 You are a small time shop. The e-commerce buzz is enticing. You sign up and start selling.

An unheard of capitol loan provider calls you up and asks you if you need capital loan. How did they get through? You wonder if your details leaked through the giant e-commerce where you signed up along with the types of products you sell and your customer rating.

Any idea why you get so many pestering calls for loans, sites, insurances etc.,?

Do you know what happens to the data which goes into facebook, twitter, google and from multiple apps on your smart phone or from your web browsing?

Thought of sharing it once I read this

How come so much data is flowing free around or is it lots of business model just around the corner?
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