Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meditating on gravitational waves

The gravitational waves were detected by LIGO. They predicted that it came from a violent incident billion of light years ago.  A confirmation of something which Einstein had theorised a century ago.

I wonder at construction of  LIGO, the instrument which has measured this phenomenon.

The key to LIGO's success is its ability to be sensitive even with so much noise around. The earth, atmosphere, Sun and all cause so much noise to distract it from hearing what it was meant to hear. And scores of scientists spent years of effort and governments spent millions to make it so that it can hear. Hear what it was made to hear, ignore noise.

We too have a similar instrument called mind. It is meant to hear the gravitational waves. It can stretch and compress, move in multi-dimension. But most of the while it is lost in the noise.

So we have meditation. In ancient India rishis meditated. Years of rigorous practice had fine tuned their range of frequency to listen. They could hear the origin of universe. They expressed it in verses, composed it in sound. The knowledge was codified and came to be known as Vedas.

A scientific temperament and yogic practices could allow human mind to travel in time, bent time/space. And rediscover what the mind has known for so long.

Meditations stills the mind.
Makes it sensitive, aware.
It causes discovery.
It invents.
It reveals.
The secrets.
Of Universe
Of Space
Of time

Try it and let us know.
Now is the best time to silence the mind, using mind.
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