Saturday, April 09, 2016

Happy new year 2073

A first time to banasankari amma’s temple at bangalore.

The morning of April 8, 2017 was spent with special participants of art of living happiness programme at RBI Layout center.

The evening was to be in art of living satsang led by dearest Swami Suryapada ji (otherwise known as Chayyana ji, with love).

Started walking to the temple. The first few Bangalore auto wallahs ignored. One well dressed and young one of them stopped and demanded INR 80, almost double. Another, shabbily dressed and middle aged simply switched on the meter.

Entered temple. Not knew which direction to take. Where to keep the footwear? Some feet were bare and going in, searched for ones not bare and followed them. Suddenly, the footwear stand appeared on the left end of the temple.

Saw the banner declaring satsang in kannada along with photos of Sri Sri and Chayyanna. The stage was getting set.

Suddenly saw one of the AOL happiness programme participant there. She said she came to meet Amma. I was confused. Her mother. Kept talking to gather more. She said she comes here every/most fridays to meet Amma. They lit lamp made of emptied half cut lemon and offer it to Amma.

Only then it struck.
Amma is mother divine, banasankari devi. It felt like GOD is part of our family.
Saw one BIGGER queue and another smaller. Quckly got into the smaller one and was face to face with Amma, riding on her tiger, with Ganesha and Shiva linga on both sides.

Chayyanna was also offering his prayer with the temple priests while I was gazing at the mother divine.

As I came out of main temple, I saw a car park. I had dared to come in auto and here I was meeting a car park inside a temple premise. A rare but pleasing sight. I kept walking to left and was led into the stage of satsang, sat in front, facing the satsangies and beside the loudspeaker.

Chayyana came in, sat in middle of stage. Another set of veena players mesmerised by their art and were honored before we got into satsang, which was heavenly.

Chayyana satsang transports you into another world. A world where music and the lyrics carries your weight.
Release you of your burden.
Make you light.
Make you electric.
Sooth your nerves.
bliss happens, effortlessly.

Chayyana translates some of the bhajans/keertans. One such story is here.
When the bhakta/devotee is lying and singing in praise of the lord, the divine sits beside him and listens.
When the devotee is sitting, the divine stands up, dances and listens.
When the devotee stands up, the divine simply merges with them.

Another poem, translated meant.
O Mother, let the jasmine flower fall from you (a sign that mother divine has listened and will fulfill my desires.)
What are my desires?
  1. let the young ones find suitable matches for marriage.
  2. let there be children in the home.
  3. let the home echo the sounds of anklets coming from little feets of my daughter.
  4. let anyone who comes, always find food and nourishment in my home.
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