Saturday, April 02, 2016

How to explore the space as team?

Most times you want to lead. It creates a pressure on you to think, direct and move in certain direction. It is difficult not to lead.
Then facilitator instructs you, Now try not to lead.
Allow not to be lead.
Some moments of awkwardness happen. The impulse to lead dilutes. The effort to direct dissolves. The wait becomes bearable. And then you allow to be lead.
Then the facilitator instructs you.
There comes a time when you are not leading nor being led and simply the movement happens. The rules of movement still hold but the movement is unrestricted.
Then you simply flow in the space.
Together as team you explore the space.
Share. Learn. Move. Unafraid. Unjudged.
Like you river your path happens. The jungle of risks, smoothens. The stones of challenges weather.

The above thoughts were born out of a team workshop conducted by Preeti Sunderajan, CEO of GAIT. Reach out to her if you need to smoothen out the rough edges from your teams wings and allow them to soar.
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