Wednesday, July 04, 2007

change agent fear and new to job

Change agent

Is there a fine difference between a change agent and a nagger? I want a behavior change. I want somebody to move from being talking about a goal to move into actionizing that goal. The emphasis is on action rather than on deliberation. Today morning the other person called and I drifted the discussion towards the "You should think more", "You should worry more" and "You should contemplate more." Is negative emphasis on a behavior help it to become more ingrained or will force a revulsion to the same and encourage a person to come out of it and adapt to newer way of living?

How much of negative assertion would motivate a person and how much of it will force a person to detest you or the change? Will it help a person to participate in a transition or force a person to give it up totally?


I just tapped in the back and the person was shocked as hell and you could almost see blood draining away from her face. She was shattered and seems to be crying but then could have realized that the situation is safe and then gave a whimper of a smile. I kept asking what was the matter and she could only say that she was scared.

How does fear originate? Is it born with us? Is it cultivated for us? Is freedom inclusive of fear?

Should I blame society for its origins? The surrounding's have enough elements called unsocial and our protective near and dear ones shield us to the point that a incident in isolation can shatter us to bits.

Should I blame the individual for acceding to the demands of fear and allowing it become ingrained in the subconscious to the extent that it becomes a natural behavior?

Should I just leave it at that?

Is there a way to de-fear us?

New to job

Fresher's do not know what real work means and if they get into a place where there is no work and easy food and good environment then that becomes benchmark for them. Is this attitude good for economy?

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