Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Different strokes.


Different strokes.



Background -- a trip to resort from bangalore to mysore to bangalore and time is for lunch in the afternoon.


Arjun says lets have food at floating restaurant. It has lots of variety and is a fun place to take parents too.

Devaki, Arjun’s Wife  says No lets go to food court and have separate stuffs. The restaurant serves non-veg and mother may not like it.

Arjun drags all to floating restaurant. A Cuckoo is spotted and all laugh. The Devaki says lets sit here. Arjun says its in the way lets sit on the other side. He drags all to other side. The Devaki decides to protest and Arjun thinks that she does not want to go to non-veg counter in front of parents. The parents adjust and go ahead to fill their plates but the Devaki sits around and mother offer to get her plate full. The Arjun is ill and tells this is all exaggeration and dramatics. The Devaki cries. Mother cries. The child questions the mother "why are you crying? Did something go in the eyes?"

The Arjun wonders what to do and in respect for the food goes ahead and has his fill. Everyone else too go ahead and have their fill.

The family checks out and starts the journey back home to Bangalore, a distance of 150 kms. The Arjun covers the distance in about 2.5 hrs. The Devaki maintains a straight face through out.

Its evening. Everybody is having snacks and the lunch topic comes up again. Mother says why are you coming in between us. She was only demanding affection and its okay for mother-in-law to serve daughter-in-law out of love. Arjun wondered and said the topic was non-veg. Father also agreed the topic was non-veg. The Devaki later confesses that the topic changed from non-veg to lazyness on her part to go and fetch plate. She communicated this change late in the night on the same day.

Different perspective and a lost/learn day in life.

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