Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sense of belongingness

Guruji Talks.
A mother makes ordinary child extraordinary. Grandparents are more excited about newborn child and exaggerate about their birthday celebrations and how two years old have supported in their hour of crisis. When you look into the eyes of a child you feel you belong and there is compassion in the air, you believe that your problems will wither away. How can a child understand what is in your mind? You belong to the child and feel so relaxed in her company that you make her your God and drop your guards.

Ordinary people create extraordinary experiences for themselves and others simply by belonging to them and happenings.

When we belong we surrender totally and completely. There is no one in between you and them. Its very direct and joyful experience.

Tensions arise and body stiffens because you don’t belong, there is a distance you have created between you and them. Stiff mind is not clear and cannot define its intentions properly. Unless intentions are clear your actions will be confused and disarray.
Belong to clear and relax your mind to create right intentions. Once intentions are in place your actions will automatically connect to divine. Reach out with clear intentions.

A doctor and a murderer both cuts stomach but a Doctor is not jailed. A doctors intentions are to save life and murderer intention is to take life.

Are people doing yoga crazy? When you are in satsang are the people dancing and jumping around crazy? Who determines who is crazy? When people cry in yoga do you think they are crazy and abnormal people? Or are the people who drink, smoke normal?

Opinions change with time. Yoga was unacceptable 30 years back but now is mainstream. Smoking was accepted behavior and now every office and public place has banned it.

What is there in a game of football? There are 11 players going after a single leather ball and trying to put it in net. Why do they sweat and tire after game is over? Why aren't they joyous and relaxed?

This body belongs to God. These events are created by God. What are you doing here? You are simply asked to witness and if possible enjoy.

Become one with the music in the background, the noises in the surroundings, the words of Guruji. Once you become one then even if the music comes from an instrument you will feel its holding you and travelling with you. Every breath, event , music, word, becomes your own and it belongs to the originator as much as it belongs to you. Ultimately you are source too and you are consumer too.

Celebrate existence and happenings. Welcome each happening as your own. Feel the rhythm of life. Perceive the vibrations. Touch the energy.

The same DNA that makes you with a simple twist can create any other species in universe. The single drop of water has all the constitutes of ocean. The human body has entire universe within. Find your true nature and belong to it like never before.

A complete life is inclusive of both scientific as well as artistic evaluations. A scientific mind gives pure facts as knowledge and an artistic mind makes pure facts as extraordinary. A scientist will talk about DNA as blueprint of life and a vedic will mention that entire universe is within.

Sitar strings will weigh you down into the ocean and flute can lift you to the top of mountain. Allow them and let them belong to you as you belong to them and become one with the entire creation.
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