Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Are you aware of your mind?

I will narrate this morning routine. I don't know about your mind. My mind has tendency to latch on to negative. This limits my world of possibilities. This kills the curiosity in me. With this dies adventure in me.

When I was awake a song was playing in the mind "प्यार बांटते चलो". It was 6:15. I got up twice before and moved around the house and came back and slept. I did not feeeeeeeeeel like getting up.

While using the loo a thought came in the mind. I should jog today. Then resistance built around it. 
Why today?
You are already hungry. You're digestive system is working smart.
It is daylight. People would see you. It would have been better if it was little darker. 
I kept firm. Looked for the socks. The white sports socks were not found. There was only one. 
How will i look in grey thin socks and sports shoes?
Finally went to the shoes.
Are the shoes okay?
Haven't worn them for a while?
Aha! the sports socks are in the shoes?
They dont smell so I can wear them.
 I was out of the house. A sudden spurt of energy and started to jog.
Don't jog too hard.
You are getting tired now.
Do not stop. Reduce speed.
At least do one round.
After a round started walking. Saw a familiar couple. Waved a instant hello to them. She waved back.
Should I go to them and talk about their closeness and some silly comment like "You look like honeymoon couple"?
Should I go them and talk about art of living course? Haven't i done that n times before.
Its so good to see them together.
Let them be alone. 
Ignored them and jogged along. The mangoes were hanging low, not so low to jump and pluck but teasingly low, just like happiness in life. Nice cool morning wind.

At home. On yoga mat. Did surya namaskara, padma sadhana (learnt in DSN ), sudharshan kriya (learnt in part 1), sahaj samadhi (learnt along side part 2/advance course) and some more meditation. Was grateful to Art of living for giving me all these.

Read page 18 quote 17 "The only thing you must remember" from An intimate note to sincere seeker by Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. It talked about awareness and about the path of Art of living having it all. It has wisdom,laughter,service,silence,singingdancing,celebration,yagnas,complaints,problems, complications and chaos to add spice.

Life is so colorful!.
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