Sunday, May 06, 2012

Female foeticide - revisited and reaffirmed by satyamevjayate

Aamir provides a balanced perspective on issue of female foeticide in India.

It is an evil born in 1970's through government initiative to curb population menace and picked up in 1990's with introduction of ultrasound. And now we have crores of girl infants perish through inhuman behavior across society sections.

Nawanshahr's former Deputy Commissioner Krishna Kumar could clean a district and reverse the male-female ratio. Why did we and government stop and could not support to help him build a framework through which we could curtail and eradicate evils like female foeticide and others. 

Women are still considered objects of desire, only there to fulfill certain needs of male dominated society. Some have had to undergo abortion multiple times. Why cant we create a law that would equal this to murder and hang the perpetrators?

It is amazing that noble professionals from medical field including lady doctors have made killing a foetus a business, a means to earn more. Dont they get enough? What kind of conscience they would have? What trust should we have in them when we visit them next to save our lives? Who will bring them back to honoring life? 

We have created this evil in just the last few decades. We have to STOP it HERE and NOW. 

hurt and shaken by Go watch the video at and see if it tingles some emotion in your busy routine. 
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