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Commentary on Chapter 11 of Bhagvad Geeta by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji - Day 1

The visvaroopa विस्वरूप दर्शन of divine happens when devotee is deeply connected. Has total trust and believes in the ways of unknown, unseen.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

One who are feeling helpless and hopeless that no matter what they do the earth is going to collapse.

Others who say that God is doing everything so what can we do and laze off, careless.

Both the extremities are not healthy. 

Krishna says - I have taken care of this universe from time immemorial (सनातन काल से) and will continue to do so. There is a natural law which runs the entire show and it will continue to do so.

You just have to believe in that and continue doing your part with hope and help. That power is ever present to help you in every step of your life. Recognise it. 

That grace is required to carry us through. Effort can only help us swim in calm waters but if there is rough sea then a helping hand is required. No matter how much effort you put as swimmer the sea will immerse you, drown you if you only believe in effort. 

Have hope on the grace as its the only means to your natural end. 

If you directly get into formless there would be suffering. Religions in the past which took on the formless have suffered both as individuals or as community too. Have a look at Moses, Prophet Mohammad’s life or his children or Sikh gurus life. Every one of them had so many difficulties in their life. 

So it is recommended to go from form to formless. 

That is what Arjuna requests in a state of contentment. After receiving all the knowledge of 10 chapters he is content. But the spirit of enquiry is still alive. Even in a state of contentment the state of enquiry needs to keep burning. From that space emerges 11th chapter of Bhagvad Geeta. 

Arjuna says - If you think I am fit for it it then I request you to display your विस्वरूपा, your entire being that encompass whatever you have shared with me so far.

Sanjay narrates the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. He had developed this faculty of taking his attention to any place and witnessing it as if in person. Therefore, he could narrate Bhagvad geeta to King Dhritarashtra.

Gurudev mentioned about the intuition process that is being taught to kids. Kids are able to see events happening distantly at same time or in future. 

Gurudev warned that its only a faculty that is illustrating its qualities when being refined. Sanjay too had it like the kids who have gone through intuition process have it these days. Opening of third eye does not mean enlightenment. It only means one more dimension has opened up to witness the beauty of nature. Leave it that and continue your quest for enlightenment.

Its important to transcend this dimension and not be stuck in this world. This world is a minuscule part of what is there to experience.

Our world is defined by our five senses. They only gather a limited portion of of the divine display.

"When did the mirage appear?” is a foolish question to begin enquiry. Your basis for starting journey will be weak if you get stuck “When did this world begin?” There is no beginning nor end and neither middle to this world because it only appears.

Whatever we are holding on to, all the experiences, all the events of past, are nothing compared to life of the being. 

Whatever our eyes have seen, or the ears have heard or the tongue has tasted or skin has touched is nothing to what the divine has to offer. 

Whatever air we have breathed is nothing in comparison to what is there on on this planet. 

So, why don’t you realise that this minuscule gathering of yours and drop them, becoming free from them, preparing for a much grander show. Meditate.

All the देवास, the divine energies in their glory are not somewhere there. They are always here. They play here, all the time. Whether you see it as such or ignore it is your problem, the show will go on. 

Sometime or other in life you would have felt that this cannot be the work of somebody as human as them, there is a better planner behind all this. They might be intelligent and gifted but for this to happen a higher authority is required. who are these forces, behind the scenes, always engaged but invisible. 

We have to fine tune to these other frequencies to get into another dimension. Dimensions which are more grander and spectacular than whatever we have witnessed in our defined world.

That witnessing is of formless in form.
Effort is needed to link to form. Grace is needed to melt the form. Merging only happens in presence of Master, your Guru. 

Arjuna could see through the transparent body of krishna all the  देवता divine energies, many arms, many weapons, ornaments, everything that ever was or will be in all its grandeur.

But the रूप (vision) shown like thousands suns at same time and the energy was too much for Arjuna’s body to take. He got scared and requested lord to come back to normalcy. 

How was your meditation today?
Did you crossover to another dimension? Did you get a portion of viswaroopa विस्वरूप? Either as sound or light or taste of nectar or ...

The above is summaries from talk given by HH Sri Sri Ravishankar ji at Art of living international ashram in Bangalore on 13th August, 2016 at around 11:30 AM. There will be 2 more sessions, tomorrow and on Indian independence day at about same time. You can come to ashram or watch it online as webcast. 

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