Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sudarshan kriya as friend

Sudarshan kriya is your friend. It is there with you from your first breath to the last. And in every step that you take in life. The rhythm keep changing but they always come back to original.

Kriya gives you the experience that you most care of.
Kriya takes away and washes off the experience that you least care of but which still has been coming back. It clears you of your pain.

Step by step.
It takes you closer to your original being.
It gives you glimpses of your true self.
Just like a true friend, in good as well as in bad time kriya is there by the side.

Every morning it prepares you for the day.
Each day it helps to recover your life, your naturalness.

It has been your friend since time immemorial, and will continue to do so beyond your memory.

It is not just a breathing technique.
The technique is only disguise.
The truth of kriya is incomprehendible, beyond reason, beyond faith.

I dont know 99% of time why kriya works. Even in remaining 1% I am not sure 99% of time why kriya works.

Scientists and Doctors have listed harmones and physiological transformations that kriya can bring, some have even claimed that it can change the DNA.

But to me it does not matter.
What matters is what is.
What I see and hear and experience is what I care about.

And that journey with kriya is in continuum...

If you have not experienced the magic of kriya then please find out more at and take your first step on your path to self descovery.

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