Saturday, December 04, 2010

Every Day Android Apps - Send To Computer

Quite a nifty tool. Good for website viewing for sites that are yet to be mobile enabled.

I had been struggling with the web browsing experience when I stumbled upon it.

I was searching for a good barcode scanning android app on android marketplace because "Barcode scanner" was not scanning the 1D code. It could be a limitation of Samsung Galaxy 5 as the camera is not auto-focus.

Have you been able to decode 1D bar codes with Samsung Galaxy 5? Please let me know.

I initially could not understand the concept behind "Send To Computer". After a struggle these were the steps that got me going
  1. Goto on your desktop. Enable popups in your browser for this site.
  2. Scan the 2D code with your phone "Barcode Scanner". The app will obtain a unique id for your session.
  3. Go to Browser in phone, open any site. Click on Menu-->More-->Share Page-->Send To Computer
  4. Lo and behold the page opens in your desktop browser window.
  5. Another nicety is to have the links of all sites shared on the desktop page of
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