Saturday, December 04, 2010

Big Bazaar is changing Consumers Buy Choices

The time to redeem wednesday 2 kg sugar coupon was around.

When I reached Big bazaar I was disappointed to find it being offered to anyone whose purchase exceeded Rs. 500.

Nevertheless the place was crowded.

This time compromises had to be made for choices of brand in the given shopping list. The following brands were unavailable.

  1. Parle G biscuits
  2. Sabeena Powder
  3. Harpic Blue Toilet cleaners
  4. Tata Salt 
So the choice was to shop elsewhere and find the above brands or collect the alternatives that Big Bazaar was offering along with free Sugar 2kg.
  1. No 1kg biscuits bought
  2. Alternative brand - dont recall name - spouse said it looks like its filled with sand.
  3. Harpic rose cleaner which spouse claimed had milder effects on commodes.
  4. Saffola salt which was Rs 8 costlier than Tata. 
How was your wednesday at Big Bazaar?
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