Friday, December 03, 2010

Everyday Android apps - Cardio Trainer

Cardio Trainer - Your personal trainer and route tracer. You are likely to use it twice a day.
  1. How I got it? 
    • I was on Morning walk, saw Vijay Prahallad, shared usual Hi and was almost on Bye when he said "I am sure you would love it" and showed me the accuracy of Cardio Trainer and path traced, calories burned and distance covered. 
    • Searched on Android Market and there it was.
  2. What I like?
    • I am hooked , todays is third day and even though I was slightly sick I went out.
    • The music integration.
    • GPS accuracy. First day was poor as I had set it for good and 1s refresh but now changing it to fair and 10s interval has significantly improved. I jog in a cluster of buildings and its amazing to see the path.
    • No user registeration. You get a code and can use it anytime you want to.
  3. What I dont like?
    • It looks like it interferes with call. Yesterday I was having a conference call and at about  4:45PM the phone rebooted itself. This is also about the time it sends reminder to go for walk at 5PM
    • I had tried endomeda and myfitness pal and could not use them for long before this switch happened.
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