Thursday, April 04, 2013

Meditating Distance

What creates distance in relationships?

Why do you feel disconnected?

Why is there no juice in relationships?

Who is responsible and why?

Most of the times its YOU. Other times it could be them, its rare.

You don't love yourself. Your presence is weak. You thrive on self-pity. Oh! What will happen to me? me. me and more me.

In meditation, you get CLOSER to yourSELF. The whole purpose of meditation is to bring peace and bliss in the end. The purpose of meditation is not to shake you or give you weird experiences. If abnormal and uncontrollable things happen in meditation its because the energy is realigning your lost direction, your purposes, your vision and mission of life.

Meditation shifts your focus from withOUT to withIN.

The whole purpose of meditation is to improve your today and give you a better tomorrow.

The purpose is to improve relationships, with you and everybody around you. Simple.

How has meditation filled the voids of your life? Leave them as comments and move on to fill voids in your and others life. 
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