Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Family responsibility as seva. What is service?

The life brings responsibilities.
Life also brings attractions.
Mind loves playing with attractions.
As kid toys and ice creams were attractions, responsibility was none.
As boys and girls friends were attractions and responsibility was their well being.
As teenagers rebellion was attraction and education was responsibility.
Early in career short term relationships and money was attraction and loyalty to company was responsibility.
Early post marriage spouse was attraction and taking care of her was responsibility.
Parenting created children as attraction and taking care of them was responsibility.

Now the attraction is spirituality and responsibility is family.

If you consider repayment of your home loan and generating education funds for your children as seva then it becomes easier. If you consider profession or career as burden then it becomes pain.

You may love satsang, you may love your sadhana and you may have your definition of seva. If your definition of seva is inclusive of family and neighborhood then it becomes easier. If seva is something to be done in ashram or in any other set environment then its restrictive and is a partial view.

Family is spirituality.
Family is seva.

What is your definition of seva?
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