Thursday, April 04, 2013

Work ethics from painters

The supervisor belongs to small town in Kerala. The workers are from Raichur and Davangere, small towns few hundreds of kilometers from Bangalore. They had not gone through any formal management training or personality development programs on assertiveness or communications or team building skills.

They come on time. Sharp at 9:30 AM.

On the first day of work they cleaned up the room, moved all heavy furniture, little items into other rooms. At the end of day, they asked "Do you need to move the items back into the room?".

They bring their own lunch. They take their lunch break in the room itself. The room that is getting painted.

They clean up room before work.
They clean up room after work.

They close work on time. Sharp at 6 PM.

Yesterday, one of them came out to take the mobile phone call.

The only thing they ask you is Water, the supervisor asked for tea yesterday.

The supervisor does not negotiate on price, its fixed. He keeps suggesting other works that he can do. He is expert in cross selling. He said my spouse wanted the cupboards painted too, she only suggested to paint a portion which was left by the carpenters. The carpenters have tendency to leave invisible portions of furniture untouched, unpainted. If I had said Yes, he would have painted and charged us for same. So, we need to communicate more. Communication builds relationships.

When they come, they smile. When they leave, they smile.

Do you do any of the above at your workplace? Or you simply push around for next promotion, next raise, next change of job?
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