Sunday, July 24, 2016

Purpose of life - from Yoga Vasistha knowledge series

The purpose of life is to be liberated.

Your life is designed for liberation.

The life is a progression towards liberation.

Q> What is liberation from?
A> It is from your ego.

Q> Who is the guardian of ego?
A> The mind.

Q> Can you compare this progression of life to something?
A> Its like the river cleaning the impurity thrown into it and making it spotless, clean. It is the nature of the river to clean. After some travel the impurity becomes pure, loses its identity, loses its ego. You just merge.

Q> Need another example, not so clear?
A> Imagine a fire in the forest. Wood burning and smoke rising. The smoke can rise only to certain height, the smoke will travel certain distance. After some rise, some travel, it disappears into the space. It simply merges, loses its identity.

Our life is also like that. Its an opportunity for us to paint on an empty canvas. It's upto you to make this progression enjoyable or full of hassles. We may drag life or we can enjoy life. In either case it will end.
But before it ends what have you done to accelerate the decay of ego-self.  

There is only one board exam or 10th class exam. Once you clear it in life you do not give it again. You may go back to teach for 10th class but never to give the exam.

Once you attain liberation, the life force lifecycle is within you. The prana is within you. All the liberated beings are here, either in form or formless.

Above article is inspired post listening to 8th episode of Commentary On Yoga Vashitha by Nakul Dhawan Ji from +The Art of Living session being given at +Art of Living International Center at Bangalore. The next session is on 9PM , wednesday. You can also register online to watch it and 8 earlier sessions.

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