Monday, October 24, 2016

Intuition process - a journey into trust

It was disbelief.
It was scary.
I was stunned.
I did not know.

Its like the time when a child is born and brought in front of you for the first time.

Nature's mystery and miracle becomes evident.

The unknowable, unseeable makes its presence felt.

The knowledge gets a new definition. A definition without basis, without effort.

A skill simply is born. Simply appears. Simply is there.

And your fundamentals break, scatter. You are let groping in dark, again searching for light.

The journey restarts. The quest re-begins.

How else can you explain how intuition process works.

A little background.
Around a year back Gurudev introduced Intuition process as an art of living program to develop the sixth sense or the intuitive abilities in children in age group 8-18.

Immediately diverse results from children at various age started coming along. Some developed music, some sports skills, some could heal and some could go past and in future and predict with impossible accuracy.

I also got a chance to witness to second such program yesterday. Now they have opened the program for age group 5-8 also.

For the age group 5-8 the first day is for 1 hour. On second day, parents are allowed to come after 30 mins. I too entered as parent and was bewildered to see what kids could do blindfolded.

The ease with which they were playing templerun blindfolded was stunning. Turning, jumping, collecting coins, all in real time. 

How will you explain a phenomenon like this?

Do we really need senses like sight to see or they only have ornamental value? They are just there so that your face has a selfie value. What is the utility for body? Is it just decorative distraction from reality?

Is acquiring knowledge beyond senses, beyond intellect, beyond memory, beyond ego? Or they are simply there for distraction?

From where does intuition comes, why is it so subtle? and why is it so accurate?

What is intuition?

What is its relationship with trust?

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