Sunday, October 30, 2016

Truth about the lies that cause anger

What is the root cause of anger?
If someone lies then we get angry with them.
If something was promised and not delivered we get angry.
If we wanted something and it did not get fulfilled then we get angry.

But if everything is lie then
where is
complex (inferior/superior)


Can you pause for a while and reflect on the lies for a while?
What do you get?
sense of relief.

This knowledge can lead to being
careful or careless,
responsible or irresponsible.

I am dhaval, yet I am not
I am married, yet I am not
I am father, yet I am not
I am son, yet I am not

This world has some aspects which are real and some which are lies.

Yet this world is lies, and everyone here is bundle of lies.

This mind is full of lies, so many times the thoughts have betrayed us, yet we keep relying on it.

Love is the biggest lie.
Daily spiritual practices are lie.
Every thought born in mind is lie.
Every word spoken is a lie.
Even Gurudev is a lie.
Each of our question is a lie.
Each of his answer is a lie.
I am lie.

How do lies help in leading a truthful, fulfilling life?
If this knowledge is handled with care then it can take you to the realm from which Gurudev takes over.
A space where only faith can help you float once plunged.
A stroll in unknown can only be guided by someone who has been there.

You will exhaust if you get stuck in lies.
So you look inside, constructing path in unknown depths using only bricks and mortar of faith and trust.
You stabilize, become still for a while.
Then you are again in world of lies, only difference being that now you are unstuck, detached.

The ratio is 10:90 of outwards:inwards.

Yesterday Gurudev gave true insight into lies that are the root cause of our anger.
Today morning Nakul continues the thread and we found some truth about the lies that have mislead us.

Nakul ended the story that was first heard from Swami Pragyanand ji Maharaj.

A man was standing at a square. He did not know which turn to take. He saw two strangers walking towards him and then by passed him. While they neared he overheard their conversation from which he picked the direction which he wanted to take. So Guru Tatva is that principle via which an answer is found for a question which is not even asked. The man did not ask the question, yet he got the answer.

So if you think that Guru is just the physical presence then its a lie. And Gurudev was saying the truth when he said I am a lie.

The chit chat with Nakul happens again next sunday at sumeru mantap at 10 AM.
Be there.
Be blissed.

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