Friday, September 28, 2007

second visit to RavuGodlu

the beauty
Mr KondandaRamu's father slit the ripe tender coconut with sharp knife made in 1943 and his son was on top of coconut tree felling the green coconuts. They refused money for they said when you have made the effort of coming from city then its no effort for them and even otherwise so the monkeys would have anyways taken them away. We drank without straw and some of the water spilled over most of us.
Mr KondandaRamu's son Harsha showed the Raagi fields and Mulberry plantations and we played frisbee in open fields facing beautiful hills that are soon to be extinct by granite merchants.
Some of us drank water from open borewell that were irrigating the fields.
Evening was spent at meditation center of art of living ashram. The sun was going down horizon in the beautifully reddish orange lit skin. We ordered something else but ended up having idlies at the restaurant there.

the beast
We took a wrong turn after leaving electronics city and reached Anekal road instead of Gottigere and finally when we reached Gottigere to connect to NICE road the bikers were confused and joined after a while.
The food at Vaishanava Palace on kanakapura road was infested with cockroaches and their families and we had a little dialogue with the manager their. Post lunch one motorcycle got punctured but the mechanics and tube shop were nearby on the slope.
The road connecting the village was being piled with sharp stones for road under construction and we struggled to drive over them.

the trip
Our team of 10 decided to explore the country side as a team gateway location and we set out just before lunch time. It was a different kind of experience as most of previous outings were to horrible movie shows at PVR. We left at about 11:30PM and by the time I reached home it was 8:30 PM.
A day where we made mistakes in route selection, fought with the restaurant manager and got a puncture repaired but most of all made up by the hospitality of Mr KondandaRamu's family. We owe them our experience.
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