Tuesday, September 18, 2007

spirit in cave

A yogi by name Ram Ram left his body 7 years ago. He used to dwell in a cave and shooed away deadly snaakes with little stick in hand.

We were searching for the ashram but could only see a patch of thick greenery introduced by three Shivalingas in the open. We neared the greenery and found a pathway that bifurcated and we chose one. After few careful steps we were looking at our reflection, then some construction but no sight of humans. We kept helloing for a while and a lady appeared from nowhere and asked what we wanted. Did we know what we wanted? We just mumbled ashram. She said Amma and led us to a terrace like structure which opened to the scenic beauty outside. A lady in white robe appeared in front of us and after a while a yogi made retreat as we were ushered in the room that had a pierced rock, a bed, two chairs,wall paintings and the guru patni, wife of Yogi Ram Ram.

We decided to sit on the mat and the lady in white who latter mentioned herself as Uma too sat on bare floor. The chairs were left empty.

The voice was pleasant, the meanings were deep as we had an unexpected spiritual discourse that was practical, honest and straight from heart. In minutes the suffered soul was bare in front of us and we were shown how empty we were.

It could be easy if we simply witnessed ourselves and our interactivity with the world and withdraw into a self that is everything and mostly nothing at the same time. The more we get hurt the greater we withdraw. The more we dissociate the greater is alignment with nature as we dissolve our identity to merge with that of nature.

There is divinity in all of us that enables us to better mankind and the less we expect out of deeds that we pursue the closer we could be to this divine expression of the self.

We were hungry as we got hot puranpoli and masala wada within minutes of our entry. There was no mention of food but it was offered to our starved souls without asking. We relished it as much as the sweet melody.

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