Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what to do with ideas?

blogger for for text,youtube for video,picasa for photos,google maps along with photos for location,revenue sharing with google adwords

pick up a theme that appeals to masses like mumbai coast line and develop a story around it and do a daily update on any of social networking site

explore the open platforms like facebook/amazon, think of ideas for applications and outsource using "craiglist"

develop your personal strategy and execute a business plan conforming to it.

The only tools in this age of collaborations are broadband and laptop and you have both of them. Determine who your partners will be, who your customers and how will you sustain your vision.

simple words, requires steady clear mind with no constraints, offload your constraints to people who believe in your personality

explore ideas , they hook, they hold and they will drive you to develop your professional identity. Your personal identity is intact and preserved and you will be always loved by your parents,brothers, their wives and children

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