Sunday, September 09, 2007

rural homestay

A gap exists in rural and urban culture. This gap is most felt now as cities outgrow and villages (rural folklore) disappear. It is imperative that responsibility and onus of understanding the rural behavior lies with the urban dweller. Not because he has better opportunities and is more sophisticated but he needs to be sensitized to the rural innocence and culture.
The rural world needs to grow on its own.Rural innocence needs to be more widespread than before and we need to stem the rural youth exodus to urban dwellings.
One of the way out is through reverse cash flow and creating an economic opportunity landscape around rural ambience.
Thus the idea of homestay is proposed and extended to villages around you and you need to take care of them as your own and collaborate with rural folks for village room, village food, village itinerary and a village guide.
You can also join group at orkut to further this idea at "rural homestay"
or post videos at youtube group ruralhomestay (
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