Friday, May 29, 2009

cbse Xth results are out

We used to fear standard 10th as it was associated with board exam and people said CBSE was a difficult board. When I read the title of this post I run down memory lane and can still sense the palpable sensation going down my spine as I rushed to the school's notice board. To my utter disbelief and contrary to my expectations I had passed. 
We had grown in a system which encouraged you to expect failure vehemontly and once you defied that you would glower in success and betrayal of your expectations. 
These days you dont have to rushed to school you simply go to CBSE website to know your status or you could also simply dial into IVRS or simply send SMS. 

Dont worry its just one of the exam in life? No matter whoatsoever the results life will give you plenty more opportunities to blossom.

How was your state of mind as waited in eagerness post your Xth standard summers to know if you passed or you know the unspoken word?
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