Saturday, May 02, 2009

old lady with smile

The eyes were filled with tear, only the drops did not trickle down and she was removing and putting back her spectacles frequently. She was an old lady who was on first floor and came down quickly to meet us because we said we were from Art of Living. We were there simply to inform her of a Basic course due next week.

She was talking on the phone with her daughter and dropped the call and came to us. Her friends in the neighborhood had called her urgently two years ago when few volunteers might have come to their house. Her husband was not there and she was living alone in the house. She talked about Madhu, a visually challenged person from Kanpur who was managing a school for visually challenged in HSR layout called as Madhu Smriti (I Guess).

A discussion on Kabir leads to the person who started Navadarshanam. He opens his outlet in Buoyancy in front of Ganesh temple between 4 to 6 PM every second Saturday. She had a beautiful house with lots of plants and bamboo shoots brought from panhgani where she was doing gardening seva for an outfit started by Mahatma Gandhi family.
She was really curious and asked lots of things about us and gave us hope and love, freely, unconditionally.

After we came out, Bala said she made our day. So true.

Let us know if strangers gave you as strange experience as above.
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