Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charming Rains

It is a downpour tonight. I went there with open arms, my mouth wide open to drink and savor every drop that was coming from the sky. Euphoria embraces you as you release yourself to the mercy of raindrops. They are soft and melt on touching you and slowly seep within and cool you.

The clouds are very noisy tonight and every evening they have been thundering for a while. In India this is how we welcome monsoons. These are called as pre-monsoon showers and they sketch beautifully and continuously in the dark gray sky with their powerful lightning strokes.
There is no such thing as post-monsoon shower as it hardly rains before the next pre-monsoon in India.
Bangalore is different. This May the rains have been audacious and the winds have been been blasting through and through. The raindrops simply play along the directions of wind, merging, breaking before getting absorbed in the soil.
I can see the beautiful lightning strokes from the corner of my eyes. It is in these moments you become grateful to your senses for allowing you to witness and absorb the beauty of rain, thunder and lightning in sometimes gray and sometimes dark skies. Sometimes thin lines and sometimes a thick patch of white light across skies.
The chattering of clouds is going on, I don't know the topic but it seems to be for general welfare of us.
Have you spoken to a thundering cloud lately?

A cool video for family viewing
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