Monday, May 18, 2009

Utensils and knowledge

It’s already 11 AM as I sit in front of laptop. Morning went with Ashtavakra and he really put me in place. I was contemplating and half asleep when a call interrupted and brought me out of Ashtavakra’s profound world and into the demeaning reality. It’s not always necessary to do work that you like to do. Freedom should be from bondage of work but work is essential for self as well as to carry on the responsibilities of a householder. There was work to be done for the toys story.

I decided to pray heavens and wash few sins and another call interrupted and somebody was worried about money. From where the money would come, I gave my standard assurances and rushed back to God before he decided to go elsewhere. The feverishness of money, familiarity and going back to comfort zone is highly tempting.

Next stop was kitchen sink. I had apparently cleaned few plates a few days back and I had to take break in between as I had accumulated a lot over the last week. Some had to be revisited today and whole assembly of orchestra was waiting to be played in sink itself. I went ahead with the music and I can tell you washing the plate has meditative effect on body-mind complex. By the way, it’s much more than plates. I saw the underside of gas stove for the first time and there was lots of rust waiting for my touch. The kitchen platform had to be cleaned too as I moved items from one side to other hoping some other day I would bless the other side too.

Now for some regular email check and create some web waste before I recycle and consider myself fit for Guitar classes in this phase. Guitar Raja phone is switched off.
Passed the odesk test on second attempt, there was some problem in installation of their offline client which got automatically resolved and all questions were same in test so breezed through.

Just realized that clothes were assimilating washing powder after a good wash, rushed to drain. Hopefully the clothes will desist and release all the powder that they have accumulated in last few hours. When will you let go of your accumulations? You asking me or yourself.

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