Friday, May 01, 2009

karnataka traffic police black flag versus signal jump

The traffic cop me casually and started commenting in kannada. I said I didn't know the language. Then the traffic cop took me to his officer and he offered me Bangalore traffic flag for Rs 100. I said I did nott want to buy it then he said you have to pay because you have jumped the signal. I said the signal was green when I crossed but he said that you will have to go to court if you don't pay. He asked for my license but my brother said don't give otherwise he will keep it.
My brother suggested to simply pay the fine and move. I did that and the poor traffic cop struggled to type on his blackberry and gave a printout. So guys, even if you are in car in streets of Bangalore, these days be careful of Karnataka/Bangalore state traffic police black color flag for 100 rupees.
BTW the commander name was Mr. Vittala BYSE and did not take the name of his gang of looters.

Later I came back home and called up the ACP, Traffic police Bangalore telling him of the issue but I am not sure if any action has been taken as there was no further feedback from him.

Please let the world know to be careful about the black flag of Bangalore traffic police.
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