Thursday, March 25, 2010

How do you empower somebody?

Your spouse makes a mistake, could be in business/relationships with kids. You knew all along that it was not the right decision but your spouse persisted and failed.
How will you feel? How will your spouse feel?
You decide to analyse the failure.
How will you approach analysis/post-mortem?
What intentions will you bring on the table of discussions?
Will your intentions be pure?
Will they be muddled with your personal victory of your assumptions?
Will it be to prove that you were right?
Will the conclusions be driven by your feeling better about their failure?
Or, Will it be purely on learning's coming out of a failed decision?

Mistakes happen. Actors change.

When you make mistake you pray that world is turning a blind eye.
When others fail you want to glide in with eagle's ferocity and rupture their flesh with your sheer momentum?

What is the best way to empower failed people?

Empower means to give power to a sulking soul. Poor thing has already lost the game of life and the last thing they want is a sermon.
The assumption here is that the other person has taken the failure personally and is not in the habit of blaming others and circumstances for his regular failures. They are a hopeless lots and you can pray to God to give them some discretion.

When people seek forgiveness. Why can't you take it at face value? Why cannot you genuinely believe them? Why do you say something like
"I told you not to do this and still you did it. How can I trust you that you will not do it again?"
"Why didnt you listen to me?"
"Its common sense. How could you not see it coming?"
You can add some more in comments below.

Look at the mistake. Its a situation that's already screwed up your spouse's peace of mind. Now they have to face your resentment. All along you must have accumulated a lot of dust in your mind against them. Now is your chance to release.

You might say sorry afterwards for your outburst. You have just released your true hidden feelings that even you may not have been aware of.

You have to forgive yourself first. Only then you will be able to forgive the world around you. The world may have caused lots of pain and disturbance in your life.

Until you shut the generator of pain within you by repeating the incidents like a pirated movie on your DVD player for Rs10 again and again, you will not be able to forgive us and them.

What energy do you give them? If its of trust and faith (genuine) then there is a probability that they may come out of it sooner than they are meant to be.
There is also a chance that they may become more closer to you. Is that what you are seeking in relationships?
The bondings are built on beliefs of trust. The more you give the more will come back to you.
It releases the power from you to truly empower the hurt soul. You have just accelerated the healing of the soul by directing it towards its natural being.
How do you empower in your everyday affairs?
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