Friday, March 19, 2010

Relationship is in your mind

Who is closest to you?
Do you know someone whose every breath passes you by? Do you feel every body movement of this person? Do you notice every thought that walks past itself?

How much do you know your self?
How close are you with your Self?
What is the relationship that you share?
Do you converse enough?
Do you easily communicate with the self?
How do you get along with self?

Have you ever considered befriending the self?
Is she a distant relative whom you kind of remember, there are some glimpses from memory, i dont really recall the name but I will know it when I see it type?

Once you develop a deep relationship with the self, you have created the roots of all relationships that branch out from it, as the self grows and expands so do the relationships with it.

The easy way to know is energy flow from your self to you. From your soul to your body and back. The pathways are within. Have you noticed any traffic within?

Relationships are like painting. Every stroke of thought leads to the next. The canvas grows and shrinks based on how you balance the thoughts. The dark strokes darken and causes nausea to observer. The positive strokes exhilarate and expand your being.

How is your painting with your parents, spouse, relatives, kids, office staff, strangers?

भेद तो होंगे. यह प्रकृति का नियम है. भेद अर्थ मैं आ सकते हैं, रूचि मैं आ सकते हैं, परिस्थिति मैं आ सकते हैं, कल्पना मैं आ सकते हैं. आप भेद तो नहीं मिटा सकते लेकिन उन भेदों को एक रंग मैं पिरो सकते हो. वह रंग है प्रेम का, योग का. तब आपके सरे सम्बन्ध एक से होंगे.
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