Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relationship is form of energy

We are sitting opposite each other. This scenario could be in office,@home,@dining table,@playground,@coffee shop or in bus/train or plane. You could be a stranger, boss, subordinate, buddy, spouse or kid.
If I feel easy and comfortable, I would also notice that there is free flow of energy.
If I feel nervous, threatened, I would notice energy blockage, some spasm in some part of body, mostly around heart or stomach.

You would also realize that first exchange of energy is healthy/natural and second one is depleting/exhausting/unnatural.

Why did the energy block occur? I formed an opinion about you. I passed a judgement on you. Something like you are fat, ugly, ill-dressed, brown colored, stunted, too thin, sarcastic, silly persistent smile.

Why did I form the judgement? You could have hurt me in a similar way as someone did in past, your current behaviour might be offensive to my likes/dislikes or you could be a perceived threat to me in my future. Something like subordinate taking over boss, daughter-in-law taking over kitchen, spouse earning more.

Why is it dangerous to convert a dislike into a label? Listen to these two sentences.
I dont like black.
Black is a bad color.
The first one is okay because we are all entitled to our likes and dislikes but the second one is dangerous. It is omnious. It is fatal. It labels our interactions. It narrows our imagination. It blocks our energy. It causes pain in relationships.

Lets take an example. Mother takes care of child in her early school. Child mostly becomes close to her. There is free exchange of energy between them.
Until the month of exams near or child reaches higher standards. Father appears on scene and raises the bar of the kid's performance without being aware of her abilities.
The kids free flow of energy blocks as he is not able to meet his father's expectations and he goes into depression. The father is confused as to why the performance is going down and blocks his interaction with the child. Sometimes the mother mediates but she is not aware as father and kid were never so communicative. The results is left for you to conclude based on your personal and your neighbourhood experiences.

In conclusions, dislikes creates judgements which lead to labels. Labels create energy blocks which leads to breakdown of relationships. Everybody ends in pain.

Ignore judgements, postpone labels for next life and allow the buds of relationships to grow freely.

What is your energy quotient in company of certain people? How can you improve it in company of others?
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