Saturday, January 09, 2010

BBMP Garbage segregation drive

I was standing in front of Everfine when I saw a jeep playing something in kannada. I could make out that they were aspiring for greener and cleaner Bangalore and launching door to door garbage collection in separate bags after segregation.

I went into RBI layout and the jeep was in front of me in middle of road. Some vigorous honking and it gave me some side.

An initiative has been started by Divya in Brigade Gardenia Complex. She is supported by few others families till she is able to generate enough volumes to get association interested and make it mandatory for rest of association.

The garbage is segragated into three separate recycles plastic bags  which she brought from Chickpet. She also gave us nice one page laminated sheet detailing what goes under metal/plastic and paper categories.
The garbage is collected on Saturday 2PM by Samartham trust.

Thank you Divya for making us part of noble initiative.

I hope BBMP really takes it far and wide across bangalore and beyond the launch that happened in RBI layout today morning. Garbage segration and collection requires citizen involvement and I request all of you to take initiative and make it a daily practice.
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