Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did you forget the other garden?

A point made by Shivani hit me and I am sure it may hit you too.
So heres the shootout.
There are two gardens. One on left of your house and other one on right of your house. You expect both gardens to be be green. But you only nourish one and ignore other. What is the natural consequence of your ignorance?
The one ignored will be dry patch of land.
Similarly, you have aspiration for comfort in your life and as well as being happy.
These are two different things. Two different gardens in vicinity of your house.
You strive for comfort. You target comfort. You achieve comfort.
You lose sleep. You lose freedom. You lose interaction. You lose a relaxed stomach. You miss the smile on your baby's face.
You gain washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, a car, an apartment, a choice to travel by aeroplane. Its a different thing that you still desire to have everything for free. You have moved from sitting in front of Hercules cycle front seat.
You have moved in life. You have moved in jobs. You have moved in marriages. You have been moving a lot these days.
But where are you going?
Are you guilty of being materialistic? Is it wrong to acquire? Is it proper penance? The answer my friend is No, its not wrong to gain comfort and be in cosy sofa. Its alright. Its okay. Its simply not the path to happiness.
What is the quest?
Are you seeking happiness?
Did you confuse it with comfort? Did you nourish it believing it to be happiness?
Are you close to deathbed now?
Is it too late now?
Can you nourish the other garden NOW?
Happiness is not a destination. Its a not a continuous struggle, continuous restlessness. Its within you, always, ever present.
My friends, spirituality is that garden which will showcase and allow you to reflect your true self. A peaceful,loving,happy soul that you have always been and will be. Nourish this garden well.
You can be in utter bliss and you just have to be with yourself.
Touch within and become pristine, pure.
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