Saturday, January 09, 2010

BSNL DEAD since 7 on 7th Jan 2010

I was in between a client conversation and skype went dead. Usually BSNL broadband dies out once in a while and resetting the router brings back life. I did it several times and nothing happened. Had an immediate imulse of calling 1500 but remembered the rebuke from history and kept on searching for Broadband helpline. FInally found it behind BSNL Landline bill statement 1800 424 1600. Dialled, nothing happened.
Tried to call the security of apartment complex. Nothing. Only Dial tone.
Tried to call landline number from Mobile phone. Nothing. "Error in connection".
Tried to call Wife's mobile number. Nothing. "Error in connection".
Tried to call Brothers number.Nothing. "Error in connection".
Went down to meet security.
He said phone lines are down since 7 and it was already 7:45 PM.
Now its 5:30 AM in morning.
Checked Mobile. Working. Atleast cellone is up.
Checked Landline. The same ringtone ONLY. Frustrating.
Called 1500. A sleepy lady voice. Told her landline not working. SHe took number in 3-4 attempts. I trembled to ask, BY when Can I expect a fix? Only after 10 in morning.
So there we are, its 6:52 now and still the skype is struggling to connect.
My brother called up at 7:30, He heard me once and then only I could hear him. Disconnectred.
I could only send few tweets using Now they have a cool feature in which you can get a reply if you direct tweet for someone. I could converse with @8080. Thankyou @mayanks for this cool tool.
Went to Brigade gardenia association office to check their eagerness to resolve the issue. The lady could not get in touch with BSNL as their provided direct helpline numbers were not reachable. She said she will be sending someone to office.
Went to bank to get stuff done. State bank of India's RBI branch was non-functional because all links were down. They could only say "cant say, its BSNL problem".
I was glad that if banks go down then BSNL would be more eager to resolve the problem.
Went to association office and the lady said "Breakdown in 15th cross, might take till evening."
Decided to roam around in Jayanagar 4th Block to get lots of pending item cleared.
Called home at about 12:45 PM on 8th Jan 2010 to check and lo and behold the call went through from BSNL Cellone to BSNL Landline number. Amazing isn'it.
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