Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A public lie

The home minister of India Mr. P. Chidambaram seems to have landed into the wrong job at the right time. There is upsurge of Maoists, there are series of trials on terrorists and the country is witnessing attacks on saints. Instead of acknowledging the lapses in internal security and how we manage terror he is lost in words.

Like for example you take the recent case of attack on Sri Sri Ravishankar. The karnataka police calls it a incident. Mr. Home Minister calls it "an internal brawl". They claim that Sri Sri had left the place of incident 5 mins before it happened.

Its like saying saying "The prime minister convey was leaving and somebody fired at the last car in convey. Fortunately the prime minister was in first car but the shooter did not know. So a bodyguard got hurt. Our internal investigation has revealed that there was an conflict between the shooter and the bodyguard. They were not keeping in good terms and as a result of last night brawl between the two the shootout occurred. It was unfortunate that the shot seems to be fired at prime minister but he was not the actual target of bullet."

Can it get funnier than that? How can you trust your government and police when they make out such statement? Doesnt it look silly to them that they would be laughed at because of their childish reaction?

If it was an incident then why were a platoon of police putting loud radio in ashram campus, loitering away here and there, not knowing what to do and standing in group chit chatting. Just to follow up on silly incident.

If saints have this kind of support from the government and police , what can ordinary citizens like you and me can expect?

A blatant lie has to be blasted and exposed. 
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